Weighted Vest & Dumbbells for Strength Training

Weighted Vest To Buy

There are plenty of weighted vests for sale that you can buy. However just picking a low cost weight vest is not the only consideration. If you are spending your money, you will want to make sure that you are getting the best weighted vest that you can buy for your money. The quality and the cost of a weight vest are not the only factors for you to think about.

“How much a weight vest weighs is also an important factor!”

You could rush out and buy a very cheap weight vest that weighs 10 pounds, but it won’t be long before your body adapts to the intensity that an extra 10 pounds adds to your exercises or workouts. When this happens you will need to go and buy a more heavier weight vest which will cost you more money. So it makes financial sense to get a heavy weight vest or jacket right from the start. Because the weights can be removed, you can start your weight vest training workouts with an adjustable dumbbell and continue to add more weight as your body becomes stronger and fitter. This way you can carry on adding intensity to your workout routines for much longer and you will get so much more use out of the vest.

Taking these considerations into account, we have found two of the best weighted vests currently on the market. The low cost weight vests we have picked have had very positive reviews from buyers and both vests are in the top of the most purchased list of the best selling weighted vests.

Both vests come in different weights and are from the ZFO weight vest brand, which has a excellent reputation for providing top quality adjustable weighted training vests.

ZFO 40LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

This ZFO 40 pound weight vest is one of the best selling weighted vests. It is fully adjustable with its Velcro belts, and this allows people of all sizes to use it. The ZFO-40LBS Adjustable Weighted Vest reviews from previous buyers have been extremely positive, with nobody having anything negative to say about this ZFO weight vest. This is a great weighted vest for a beginner and you can reduce the weight in the vest significantly and increase it over time as you become stronger. Apart from the fact that this is a great weight vest, one of the main reasons as to why so mamy people buy this weight vest is because of its cheap price. This is the best cheap weighted vest with a 40 pound weight that we have found anywhere.

ZFO 60LB Adjustable Weighted Vest

This is another top quality weight vest from the ZFO brand with a weight of 60 pounds. Just like its 40 pound counterpart, it is fully adjustable so one size fits all. It fits snugly against your body and its thick shoulder padding ensures that you can train in complete comfort. Buyers feedback for this 60 lb weight vest has also been pretty good. It is very hard to try and find a cheaper 60 pound weight vest than this ZFO wwight vest.

Both of these cheap weighted vests provide excellent value for money as they can be purchased for at least half price. But if we had to recommend one for you to buy it would have to be the ZFO 60LB Adjustable Weighted Vest… A 60 pound weight vest is going to give you so much more for far longer than a 40 pound weight vest, so the little bit extra that you are paying is definitely worth it. So without any doubt we feel that the best cheap weighted vest that provides the most value for money is the ZFO 60LB Adjustable Weighted Vest.

Dumbbells Do a Body Good

In general dumbbells are popular items especially for those who attend the gym regularly. They are termed to be a type of free weight equipment used in weight lifting. They are used with either one hand or both hands. The main advantages as a user allow you to work out through a greater range of movement.  Almost all top athletes in their respective sports use these weights to achieve optimal performances. They allow these athletes to match their similar range of motion in their sports; thus developing a greater set of skills. The dumbbell exercises help to stabilize muscles as well as a balanced posture while reducing the risk of injuries. This is also when resistance machines or resistance bands become less attractive.


Safety is a major issue that dumbbells provide to alleviate when working out. It is always encouraged for a personal trainer to be consulted before using dumbbells on your own. Let’s not forget one must warm up and stretch their muscles to avoid injuries. Your workout program should reflect your physical strengths and abilities, please note everyone is at a different strength level.

Everyone wants a result that is obviously why people use dumbbells. They can provide a rewarding and exciting workout experience. The more results you tend to see the greater you will feel about yourself. Solidifying one’s confidence and self esteem is very important in everyday life endeavors.

Dumbbells also provide the opportunity to build more muscles in a limited amount of time. Form is still the key to get the absolute most out of every exercise. Strength or power could be gained depending on the individual’s need. In the process you can get rid of body fat and build a strong lean healthy physique. However, it is completely up to you whether you want to lose weight, bulk up in weight, transform your physique, develop your power, or just get fit for health reasons.

The great benefits of using these dumbbells are you can use them just about anywhere you want to whether it is at home, at work, or maybe even on vacation. A possible wise investment would be to purchase a set for your personal use. All you need is a little bit of space to put them. Don’t forget how they can provide you with stronger bones, better sleeping habits, and can aid in burning calories much faster. If you want to improve muscular endurance, size, strength, or maybe just your quality of life well, dumbbells would be one of the best options to go with.

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Why the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

Gym Pull Up BarA Pull Up Bar is ideal for building upper body muscle, which is one of the most popular improvements that most men want to make to their body.  There are a number of ways of achieving this.  But if you don’t wish to take up a gym membership, or don’t even have the time to go to the gym on a regular basis, then it gets difficult and just another barrier to stopping you achieving the body you wish for.  If you want to embark on a process of building upper body muscles, one of the most important factors is no matter which type of routine you actually choose, you must do it on a regular basis, and this is where most people fail for a whole number of reasons.

You will find that pull-ups and chin ups are part of a large number of athletes regular exercise regimes and this is because a large number of sports require the athlete to push and pull.  Upper body strength is good to have generally, just as functional strength, to be able to do many things on a daily basis easier and quicker.

The real beauty of the iron gym pull up bar is that it is small and compact and can easily be stored under the bed or in a cupboard yet made ready for instant use in just a few seconds.  This means that not only can you exercise at home but also if you only have, say, 15 or 20 minutes to spare at some point in the day you can quickly get into exercise mode and when you have finished the equipment just stores away under the bed.  Job done.

It’s specifically designed to work by attaching onto the door frame but in such a way that no damage is caused to any wood or plaster – so it really is just a matter of grabbing the Pull Up Bar, hooking up to the doorway, and away you go with your exercises.  Another of the benefits is that small bursts of regular exercises are actually much more effective than one long session in a gym.

Chin Ups

Chin Ups, I can hear you groaning already, but you have to admit that they are very effective and will quickly build big biceps and laterals and they also incorporate a lot of other muscles including, to a lesser degree, Abs, as you do this exercise.

The best way to do them is to grab the bar about shoulder width with your palms facing towards you and then lift as far as you possibly can and then hold that position for a few seconds and then lower yourself in a controlled way to as low as you can possibly go.  This should be done in a smooth and even action and repeated as many times as you can, obviously you will find that you’ll be able to do more and more repetitions as your exercise regime continues.

Because this type of exercise is harder to do, drains you quicker and is much more tiring you will find a lot of guys in a gym just concentrate on push type exercises and miss out on more effective pull up types. The Pull Up Bar can be used for sit ups, push ups and dips too, although for the latter, the bar isn’t that effective.

In just minutes a day, you will build lean muscle and get ripped.